David Graham Clark

I am a sociologist turning to new ways of writing, with a focus on the ‘quotidian world’

On this site you will find me experimenting with creative non-fiction as well as with stories of my own invention. There is a blog for current preoccupations and interviews, as well as some longer form essays, and musings from my garden, plus small elements of photography and film.

From my academic career, as David Clark, I have many publications. You can find most of them listed here – http://eprints.gla.ac.uk/view/author/4452.html

Now I am treading on less familiar ground, expanding the range of my writing to engage with some enduring themes, like narrative, memoir, chronicle, and reflection. My focus is on the ‘quotidian world’ of everyday experience. I am interested in the ways in which our daily lives connect to wider communities and cultures.

The quotidian can get a pejorative reaction. It is often seen as humdrum, mundane, stifling even. On these pages, and inspired by others who have done it so beautifully, I try to explore how we can unlock new imaginings to enrich our daily lives. As RL Stevenson observed, ‘… after all, the commonplaces are the great poetic truths’.

Thanks for joining me.

David Graham Clark

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