The heart of Autumn

7th October 2021

The labyrinth by moonlight and in sunshine

19 and 29 September 2021

Intimations of autumn

Mid-September 2021

The Turk’s Cap Lily looking very happy in the #Dumfriesshire garden ‘big border’.

August 2021

Baxter our dog explores the mown paths. Taken on my birthday.

17 July 2021

A selection of Dumfriesshire garden images for this month.

June 2021

A bit gaudy perhaps, but tulips making a welcome appearance this erratic Spring.

5 May 2021

I love to see the delicate flowers of epimedium emerge, even through a light morning frost.

3 April 2020

I ‘fell heir’ to a quantity of stone when we took down part of an old wall in the garden, and so decided to have a go at building a cairn. Here’s the result.

March 2021

Newly cut dogwood stems, now in the dead hedge.

17 March 2021

Carefully placed stones in the ‘arboretum’. May still need some adjustment over time.

6 March 2021

New moon, 16 February 2021, as the evening chill descends.

Ice forms at the weir of the Pennyland Burn, January 2021.

The ‘cold moon’ of December, 2020.

Logan Botanic Garden, Dumfries and Galloway October 2020: a strangely sub-tropical feel to this corner of Scotland’s deep south-west.

Mt Fuji, Japan, December 2019 taken from our hotel on the edge of the city of Shizuoka during one of the most enjoyable academic visits I can ever remember. One year later, thanks to the great team at Cample Line, I encountered a remarkable film about the mountain, titled Ascent and directed by Fiona Tan.

Pictish stones at Aberlemno, Angus, July 2020 – just out of their winter covers, delayed by the lockdown.

Sunrise, sunset … taken mainly around my own home over the years, along with one or two in places further afield.

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